Children’s Saving Account "Kanzy"

We have designed a children's savings account “Kanzy “to meet your needs and encourage your children to save to ensure a decent life for them and for their future expenses.

“Kanzy" savings account is an investment saving account based on unlimited Mudaraba compliant with Sharia laws, through a special account for children which includes a number of benefits and prizes.

Many unique features are offered through this account including : *

  • A Voucher book which includes discounts on 60 different type of shops granted on the opening of the account as a welcome gift .
  • 5 Monthly draws on 999 JD's prizes.
  • An Annual Grand Prize of 20,000 JD's.
  • Profit earnings added to the account on a quarterly basis .
  • Savings in both Jordanian Dinars and U.S. Dollars .
  • The transfer of monthly payments from the guardian’s account to the child's account for free.
  • All electronic services.
  • Transactions are made through cashiers .
  • Free Visa Electron card.
  • Free SMS service

* Bank’s terms and conditions apply or for more information, please visit any of our branches today or call our toll free number 080022400 or call center at 4602100

* The Bank’s Murabaha Agreements are accredited by Alifta’a Department.


Kids’ Savings Account “Kanzy”

Safwa Islamic Bank has designed the kids’ Savings Account “Kanzy” to meet your needs and encourage your children to save money in order to ensure them a decent life and future.

“Kanzy” Savings Account is an investment Savings Account based on Mudaraba principles and is compliant with Sharia’. “Kanzy” Account distributes investment returns through a number of prizes:

  1. A welcome gift right as you open the account – a discount booklet that entitles holder to enjoy discounts at over 60 restaurants and kids’ play areas
  2. 5 monthly cash prizes of an amount of JD 999 per each winner
  3. 1 end-of-year prize of an amount of JD 20000 (subject to Income Tax)



• In Jordanian Dinars and US Dollars.

• Free monthly transfer from the parent’s account to the child’s account.