Wael Al-Bitar

Head of Treasury and Investment

Mr. Wael Al-Bitar joined the bank on 03/01/2010 as senior manager/ head of financial Institution Relations with a broad experience of up to 25 years.

He worked in many fields including corporate, treasury, investment, credit and financial institutions at several banks in Jordan (Arab Bank, Bank ABC, Capital Bank of Jordan) and has gradually advanced in several important positions in the field of banking.

Mr. Wael Al-Bitar holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration / Finance from the University of Jordan (1999), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics / Finance from Yarmouk University (1994).

Mr. Wael Al-Bitar is currently a member of several companies (Deputy Chairman of Sukuk National Electricity Owners’, Deputy Chairman of Sukuk of Ministry of Finance, Member of the Board of Directors of MISK Brokerage Company, and member of the Board of Directors of Group of Jordan Banks).