Safwa Islamic Bank receives graduate student delegation from Swiss University of Zurich

(AMMAN, October 26, 2019): Safwa Islamic Bank has recently received a delegation of graduate students (Master’s) from Zurich University of Applied Sciences at its main branch in Abdali.

Deputy CEO and President of Banking Services Rami Khayyat, and Human Resources Director Mohammad Al Hwari received the visiting delegation.

The student delegation was on an educational visit to get acquainted with Safwa Islamic Bank’s experience in Jordan and learn about expertise and capacities that led to its success, which was key in the development of the Islamic banking industry.

During the visit, the bank provided a detailed overview of the Jordanian banking sector, the work of Islamic banks, and the significant roles that Safwa Islamic Bank carries out to serve the sector and its own clients by utilizing advanced management and adopting an integrated system of flexible policies and effective strategies, in addition to efficient plans, authentic values and excellent services and products derived from Islamic principles. These policies and values serve to accomplish the bank’s ambitious goals and visions aiming to serve as an effective banking partner in everyday life and in economic, social and environmental development.

Notably, Safwa Islamic bank acts as an integrated Islamic ban that combines firm Islamic values with the latest and highest-level banking services and products, in line with Islamic teachings, presenting them in a modern formula through its growing network of branches, currently numbering 35 branch across the Kingdom.