Safwa Islamic Bank take part in Jordanian-Qatari business council activities

(AMMAN, November 6, 2019): Safwa Islamic Bank took part in the activities of the Jordanian-Qatari Business Council, which held a session recently in the Qatari capital, organized by the Jordan Business people Association and the Qatari Businessmen Association to discuss means of enhancing commercial, economic and investment cooperation between the two countries and exchange expertise to serve both states’ interests.

The bank’s participation was represented by Deputy CEO and President of Banking Services Rami Khayyat, who was part of the Jordanian delegation visiting Doha, consisting of a group of leading businesspeople and representatives of a number of major private and public sector institutions of various domains.

Khayyat noted that the bank’s participation holds a huge significance, as it indicates the bank’s status and role as a driver of social and economic development. The participation, Khayyat added, reaffirms the bank’s keenness on maintaining a presence in the various economic activities that serve the Kingdom, domestically and internationally, and on effective participation in the development of economic ties that connect the bank with the local institutional sector on the one hand, and links Jordan with fraternal and neighboring countries and their various institutions and companies on the other. This is achieved through investment facilitations and banking and financial products and solutions provided by the bank, which are distinguished by their efficiency and design, in accordance with the highest industry standards, in line with Islamic Sharia teachings and in pace with modern formulas.

Notably, Safwa Islamic Bank has since its launch supported, served and funded development directly and indirectly on all levels, by financing the economic activities and commercial operations of its clients, whether companies or individuals. It also supported development through its long-term comprehensive strategies for institutional social responsibility under firm excellence standards, pillared on specialization and encompassing the provision of added qualitative value.