Safwa Islamic Bank Signs an Agreement with the Interactive Values School

(Amman, February 13, 2020) Safwa Islamic Bank has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Interactive Values School, under which it provides the school students with the smart bracelet, Safwa Smart, which gives them the opportunity to electronically pay for their purchases inside the canteen, and keeps them from carrying cash, under the supervision of the parents, thus providing the clients with a distinct banking experience.

From Safwa Islamic Bank’s side, the agreement was signed by its CEO, Mr. Samer Al Tamimi, while it was signed from the Interactive Values School’s side by its General Supervisor, Dr. Yazan Abdo. This partnership is considered the first of its kind signed by the bank within its “Cash-Free School” initiative, which it is seeking to promote in the future by signing more partnerships with more schools in order to spread this experience and promote the transition towards electronic payment, which will lead to enhancing financial inclusion in the Kingdom.

In a comment on this occasion, Safwa Islamic Bank’s CEO, Mr. Samer Al Tamimi, said: “We are very proud of this partnership which is considered a cornerstone for sustainable and fruitful partnerships with other schools, and a launching point to including the largest possible segment of citizens, which consists of the children and youth, in electronic financial services in light of the digital transition that the world is witnessing. By taking this step, we hope to provide a unique banking experience for students and their parents, as they will be able to efficiently manage expenses and other features that make their life details easier.”

In a comment on this occasion, the Interactive Values School’s General Supervisor, Dr. Yazan Abdo, said: “We are honored by this partnership with Safwa Islamic Bank, which has showed a wonderful distinction during the past ten years. We are pleased to start, with the bank, placing the tools of a simplified financial life in the hands of parents and students at our Interactive Values School, thus teaching our children the modern methods of financial transactions through the financial solutions provided by the bank for schools.”

The “Safwa Smart” bracelet provides with its plastic form many benefits such as its 3D Secure feature which offers its users safe online shopping and is enhanced with the ability of feeding it through the “Safwa Mobile” banking application and the “Safwa Online” online banking through the parents’ bank account at Safwa Islamic Bank, or their other card balances at the bank. The application will enable customers to manage their Safwa Smart bracelet and their children’s by providing the details of the bracelet. It also enables them to obtain a statement of movements on it, change its status and activate it.

Safwa Islamic Bank also seeks to offer measurable added value through its innovative products and services which it is constantly working to develop so they would fit the needs and wishes of its customers’ and the community in general, which goes along with the bank’s vision aiming to enhance social and economic development, and offer everything that is considered to be new.