Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Do your best to leave a good first impression by greeting your interviewer well, introducing yourself properly and adhering to a formal dress code.
  2. We expect you to have basic knowledge about Safwa Islamic Bank and its products and services through browsing our website and following our news on social media.
  3. Be prepared to explain your motives for applying to Safwa Islamic Bank and why you are interested in the job in question.
  4. Be confident in your ability to market yourself and your skills effectively.
  5. Browse the internet for commonly asked questions at job interviews.

Yes. At Safwa Bank we are looking for talented individuals with a wide range of skills and we welcome candidates from all majors. We will provide you with the relevant and comprehensive training once you join the Bank.

You will be sent an email with the result or you will be contacted by the team and notified of what is required of you.

By uploading it through the website.

The team will review the candidates to identify those whose experience and qualifications are closely aligned with the available vacancy specifications by determining what is suitable for these vacancies and then they will get in touch with the candidates and inform them of what is required.

Currently, we do not have the ability to personally respond to every request we receive. However, if your qualifications and experience meet the available vacancy requirements, the employee may contact you to discuss the next steps.

There are several criteria for employing trainees as full-time employees, the most important being passing the recruitment exam and the evaluation of the manager in charge of the training process, aligned with the trainee’s skills, but the internship alone does not guarantee full-time employment.