MISC is a financial brokerage company owned by Safwa Islamic Bank. It was established in 2011 to provide shares buying and selling services in the ASE market in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a laws.

Start trading online in the Amman Financial Market through us with a reduced commission


An electronic trading service through the Amman Financial Market from Misk Financial Brokerage Company https://emisc.safwabank.com/, it is a service that allows you to open a brokerage account and enter to buy and sell orders with your securities directly through the internet, and it also allows you to inquire about the dealer’s cash balances and stock balances, which is accurate, easy, and safe. The registration process for the online trading service requires that the client fill out the relevant forms and visit the company in order to sign all documents with the customer service employee. After that, the client is provided with a user name and password for online trading and it is (an optional service)!

  • Trading commission 0.002
  • A tax will be added for the state treasury of 0.0008
  • Fees of capital market institutions of 0.0014

*Subject to the terms and conditions of Misk Company


Our Vision and Mission

MISC Financial Brokerage Company is an Islamic company that combines Islamic values with modern technologies and creativity which distinguishes it in financial brokerage services. MISC operates on solid foundations and standards to achieve its vision and mission.

Excellence in providing financial intermediation services to all segments of society.

To provide innovative and distinctive financial intermediation services originating from the principles of Islamic Shari’a laws to build a sustainable partnership with clients while increasing their levels of benefit.

We at MISC Financial Brokerage are committed to all aspects of creativity.

We at MISC Financial Brokerage adopt a system of financial services derived from the provisions of Islamic Sharia laws. We take pride in introducing new standards for modern Islamic financial services in Jordan due to these solid foundations.

At MISC Financial Brokerage, we develop products and provide services in accordance with the principles of quality assurance, which are designed to the utmost perfection. We also ensure that our financial solutions package for our products and services are build in full harmony with the requirements of our customers.

The modern concept of Islamic financial services and the success of our clients is a reflection of our commitment to delivering real and added value by providing the best financial services available. We at MISC believe that the interest of our customers is the key to our success.

We at Safwa Islamic Bank have built and designed all our modern products and services based on a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of our customers to ensure a unique banking experience within the highest international standards.


Ali Mahey Al-Deen AlGurdaghy


Ahmad Salem Melhem


Samer Tamimi

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ziad Kokash

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ahmad Ghnaim

Member of the Board of Directors

Ahmad Tarteer

Member of the Board of Directors

Majdi Al Teenah

General Director

Nour Yasin

Financial Manager

Jafar  Al- Tal

Brokerage Manager

Ashraf Manna

Financial Broker

Haneen Al Dhala’in

Compliance Officer

Aseel Al Zoubi


Bdour AlSafarti

Customer Service Officer

Shariah Compliant Stocks

At MISC Brokerage, we conduct a Semi-annual analysis of all shares listed on the ASE to ensure that all traded shares are compliant with the Shariah standards and controls prescribed by the Shariah Supervisory Board.


To do this, the following two criteria are used in the classification of shares:

  • The company’s activity standard and purpose
  • Standard of financial analysis ratios prescribed by the Shari’a Supervisory Board
    • Total usury liabilities (interest borrowed) to total assets should not exceed 35%.
    • Total usury assets (interest bearing deposits) to total assets should not exceed 35%.
    • Total current assets to total assets should not exceed 70%.
    • Interest income to total income should not exceed 7%.


Based on the provisions of Article (74) of the instructions for licensing and approving financial services and their regulation for the year 2005 issued by the Jordanian Securities Commission, MISC Financial Brokerage Company announces that the following employees are authorized to receive buy and sale orders with the company:

  • Mr. Majdy Abdel Latif Abdel Karim Al-Teenah (General Manager) – Certified Financial Broker.
  • Mr. Jafar Salim Abdul Rahman Al-Tal (Brokerage Manager) – Certified Financial Broker.
  • Mr. Ashraf Bassam Ahmed Manna (Assistant Brokerage Manager) Certified Financial Broker.
  • Ms. Nour Essam Ahmed Yassin – (Financial Manager).
  • Ms. Hanin Ahed Majed Al-Dalaeen – (Compliance Officer).
  • Ms. Aseel Zaid Muhammad Al-Zoubi – (Accountant).
  • Ms. Bdour Youssef Salem Al-Safrati – (Customer Service).

To Contact

Jabal Amman – Safwa Islamic Bank Building – 1st Floor

P.O. Box 840762 Amman 11181, Jordan

Phone : +962-6-4602195

Fax: +962-6-4602195

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