Our Story

Our goal was never to be just another Islamic Bank, and our journey is inherently a unique one.

When the message of Islam reached humanity more than 1,400 years ago, it did not suffice with the basics of worship, but served as a torch light to guide humanity in all aspects.
Inspired by Islamic teachings that link God’s love with devotion to work, cleanliness with faith and a smile with charity, we embarked at Safwa Islamic Bank on a mission to become a true reflection of our religion’s essence and not only its peripherals, through serving our clients in a way that reflects the true notion of Islamic finance, which is based on good treatment, devotion and excellence.

That is why we are determined to be a bank for the community of all its segments…

And we chose Safwa for our name, the Arabic word describing the elite, because you are the elite.

Safwa Islamic Bank is an integrated Islamic bank that brings incorporates firm Islamic values with the latest banking services of the highest caliber, and provides its clients with high-quality products with a personal touch, to fulfil their needs, embodying in the process a united philosophy and a constant slogan — Solid Principles, Innovative Solutions.

Safwa Islamic Bank seeks to be a leading banking institution by implementing the values of diversity, modernity, justice and transparency throughout all its activities. We offer a set of banking solutions in line with Islamic Sharia and in a modern formula, via a growing network of branches, across the Kingdom. We consistently seek to develop and modernize our products in line with Islamic Sharia teachings.

Safwa Islamic Bank also offers financing solutions to large- and medium-sized enterprises through diverse Islamic financing products and services and innovative solutions that meet all the segment’s financing requirements. The bank also takes special care of its major clients through a package of special services that fulfills their needs.

While we constantly seek modernity, we remain to our roots, values and traditions. We combine heritage with advancement and commitment with flexibility, to make your transactions with Safwa Islamic Bank a unique experience every day.

Welcome Safwa Islamic Bank’s distinguished clients

Our Vision

Pioneering the Islamic banking business to serve all segments of society.

Our Message

To offer unique and innovative services inspired from the principles of Islam, aiming to build a permanent partnership and achieve the best interest of all involved.

Our Values

At Safwa Islamic Bank, we stand firmly by the principles of innovation and creativity, distinguishing ourselves as a leading financial institution by merging the true Islamic values with the latest global technologies and innovative products and services, in order to deliver the best modern Islamic banking services.

At Safwa Islamic Bank, we adopt a system of banking policies and work regulations derived for Islamic Sharia teachings, and we are proud to present a new concept of modern Islamic banking services in Jordan.

At Safwa Islamic Bank, we have a wide range of solutions that were translated on the ground into products and services that were invented to be in complete harmony with our clients’ financial needs, as they were designed on the principle of quality-based mastery.

The concept of modern Islamic banking and the success of our clients are a reflection of our commitment to providing true and added value and feasible returns through the provision of the finest available banking services, which stems from Safwa Islamic Bank’s absolute conviction that meeting the aspirations of our clients and granting them added value is the secret to our success.

At Safwa Islamic Bank, we have built and designed all our modern products and services based on a deep and comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations to ensure that they experience unique banking, up to the highest global standards.