Kids Savings Account (Kanzy)

We have designed the Kids Saving Account “Kanzy” to encourage your children to save money, guarantee a decent life for them and cover their future expenses, in addition to a number of other benefits and prizes.

Winners of Kanzy account Monthly Draw

“Safwa Islamic Bank announces the names of the Kanzy account monthly draw winners”

  • Leen Obaidallah
  • Lara AlZeyadat
  • Kareem Essam Ghaith
  • Heba Emad Talafha
  • Bahjat Mohammad AlHalwani
  • Liyan Fodah
  • Zaid Raed Al-Louzi
  • Yazeed Abeedallah
  • Miral Ghassan Al-Ghareer
  • Taleen Ahmad Al-Wahadnah
  • Saif Al-Din Muhammed Al-Aqaila
  • Ahmed Mohamed Bani Salama
  • Ghana Al-Werekat
  • Hashem Tariq al-Qadi
  • Muhammad Omar Thafir
  • Taqwa Osama Kenan
  • Osama Al-Azazi
  • Mohanad Mohammad Ashour
  • Ghina Mustafa Nimer
  • Iyuhm Zayd Al-Farayih
  • Basel Abdallah
  • Ayhum Anas Safi
  • Mahmoud Al-Amri
  • Abdallah Yaser Al-Adwan
  • Sara Ra’afat Hamad
  • Ali Mohannad Ibrahim
  • Mohammad Abu-Ghazleh
  • Mo’yad Mohammad Abad
  • Saif Mahmoud Al-Jaboor
  • Haya Azmi Ghaith
  • Hamzah Radwan Khalifa
  • Joud Ahmed Zahran
  • Salma Majid Elyan
  • Abdelfattah Marwan Sarhan
  • Simaf Mohammed Bani Hamdan
  • Mona Mohammed Al-Momani
  • Hamza Muhammad Krishan
  • Yunus Mohammed Radwan
  • Hashem Hazem Al-Droubi
  • Asaad Ziad Khalawi
  • Omar Ahmed Al-Fosfos
  • Masa Ahmad Diab
  • Lama Munir Al-Hakim
  • Ahmed Mustafa Al-Rabiah
  • Faris Ahmed Al-Hiyari
  • Qais Majeed Ali
  • Sanad Mahmoud Al-Shami
  • Elaf Awadat
  • Heba Mohammad Alia
  • Haneen Raed Al-Ali

Kanzy Savings Account Features

Savings in Dinar and Dollar

Free monthly transfers from parent’s account to child’s

Free school bag when account is opened

Monthly prizes at a value of 999 JD

Grand prize of 20,000 JD at the end of the year


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Required Documents

  • Valid ID (for parent, guardian, agent)
  • Family certified document
  • Birth certificate or identity document of the minor
  • Proof of residency (For non-Jordanians)
  • Proof of place of residence (electric or water bill, or a landline number)
  • A copy of the lease contract

*Subject to Bank Terms and Conditions

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