Real Estate Financing

No matter what kind of real estate you wish to own, Safwa Islamic Bank is happy to cater to your needs with the right financing. We offer financing programs for residential apartments and houses.

Real Estate Financing Features

Refinancing of traditional-bank residential loans

Flexible repayment term reaching 25 years

Financing up to 80% of real estate value and up to 350,000 JD total

Transferring salary not required

Possibility of refinancing real estate you already own

Special financing program for Jordanian expatriates


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Finance Type
Finance Amount
First Payment Amount
Repayment period

The information is for the purpose of consultancy only. For more information contact the call center via the number 064602100 or the free-call service 080022400
Finance Amount
Finance Percent
Repayment period
Monthly Payment
Total Payments
Required Documents
  • A valid national ID for Jordanians and a passport for non-Jordanians
  • Bank account statement
  • Details of the real estate/car/goods to be purchased
  • For salaried employees: A recent proof of monthly wage, a recent salary slip
  • For professionals: A recent professional license, proof of professional practice, syndicate membership
  • For freelancers: A recent professional license, commercial record
  • For Jordanians living abroad: certified proof of salary
  • For non-Jordanian residents: Valid residency for no less than 3 years, security clearance

For more information contact the call center via the number 064602100 or the free-call service 080022400

Terms and Conditions
  • Financing period of up to 25 years.
  • Financing rate of up to 80%.
  • Product is available for salary holders working at governmental entities, entities approved and unapproved by the bank, professionals, free-income holders, and expatriates.

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