Basic Bank Account

The Basic Bank Account is a Jordanian dinar-based account with conditions and benefits targeting Jordanian residents who do not have bank accounts.

Basic Bank Account Features

Transfers from and to the account

No balance requirement for opening the account

Manage your account with ease around the clock

ATM Card

SMS Messages

Safwa Mobile

Safwa Online

Required Documents

  • Valid identification document (Civil Services ID)
  • Proof of place of residence (electric or water bill, or a landline number)
  • A copy of the lease contract

*Subject to Bank Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Basic Bank Account:

  1. The maximum balance of the account is 700 JD.
  2. The applicant should not have any account with the bank and sign a declaration that the client has no bank accounts or transactions with other banks in the Kingdom.
  3. In the event that there are other bank accounts or transactions of the client, the bank has the right to claim the client with all commissions and fees exempted by the client previously, provided that the bank informs the client accordingly.


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