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Safwa Islamic Bank is interested in providing you with all banking information and banking terminology that will help to enhance banking and security awareness and understand the significance of saving, in addition to recognizing the importance of using modern technology in all your banking transactions.

Our New Branch in Mafraq Governorate

You can now visit our new branch no. 42 in Mafraq governorate, Kind Abdullah II Street, and enjoy all the banking services, the opening is on 16/6/2022.

New branch in AL-Zraqa Autostrad

You can now visit our new branch No. 41 in AL-Zraqa Autostrad, and enjoy all our banking services. The opening of this branch was on 10/4/2022.

launch of an exceptional Financing Campaign for servicemen in armed forces

An exceptional Financing campaign was launched till 30/6/2022 for servicemen in armed forces.

New Branch in Mecca Street

We are happy to welcome you at our new Mecca Street branch instead of our branch in Rabyeh.

The launch of an exceptional Housing and Personal Financing Campaign for teaching staff (schools and universities)

An exceptional Housing and Personal Financing campaign was launched till 30/6/2022 for teaching staff.

Financing offers extended with competitive and preferential benefits and profit rates

Financing offers were extended with many preferential features and benefits and lowered profit rates for all financing types.

For the Fourth year in a row, we are launching the “Thank You For Being Safwa” campaign

The “Thank You For Being Safwa” campaign was launched 1/10/2021 and it includes many special offers and competitions:

  1. Double Loyalty points Campaign
  2. Loan Offers at Preferential rates
  3. Social Media Competition with Valuable Prizes

Activating Biometric Authentication for your transactions

You can now activate the new Biometric Authentication feature on your Safwa Mobile app instead of the One Time Password (OTP) for time-saving and secure transactions 17/9/2021.

New branch in Al-Zarqa (Souq Bab Al-Madinah)

You can now visit our new branch No. 40 in in Al-Zarqa City, Souq Bab Al-Madinah, and enjoy all our banking services. The opening of this branch was on 1/9/2021.

Safwa Islamic Bank launches “Future Star” program for the third year in the row

As an extension to the Bank’s vision and its strategy to reinforce its position in supporting the local development of our community as a part of the social responsibility and believing that our youth are the cornerstone of this beloved country, Safwa Islamic Bank launched “Future Stars” on August 1st, 2021, a summer training program aimed to empower the students in the Jordanian universities to develop their work skills in a professional environment at our Islamic Banking entity.

The program aims to give the participating students practical knowledge and skills, focusing on introducing them to the Bank’s digitalized services offered for the customers.  As a result, the Bank will pave the way for the students to gain the needed practical skills that would allow them to seamlessly integrate into the labor market with enough experience right after graduation.

In addition, the students will receive training at the Bank’s branches, focused on the banking section, as the latter sees this training as an investment as the youth will contribute to the sector in the future with the full-blown requisite skills.

In addition, the students are trained in an actual banking workplace and provide appropriate expertise to be trained in the various branches of the Bank and thus contribute to upgrading the banking sector with the requisite skills.

New branch In AlRamtha

You can now visit our new branch No. 39 in AlRamtha City, Al-Shaheed Wasfi Al-Tal Street, and enjoy all our banking services. The opening of this branch was on 7/28/2021.

Open an Investment Deposit Account through Safwa Mobile

Now you can download Safwa Mobile and open an Investment Deposit Account without physically visiting any of our branches, service launched in 31/05/2021

CliQ Service

CliQ is now available through Safwa Mobile since 12/4/2021, which allows you to send and receive money transfers quickly, safely, and at any time throughout the week from local banks.

Launching a free installment campaign when using Electronic Murabaha Cards for the end of the year

A free installment campaign has been launched for electronic murabaha cards of its three types (classic, titanium, and world) so that bank customers who have electronic murabaha cards can install their purchases at points of sale or electronic for free until the end of the year.

“Installment Campaign for Diesel Purchases” at Your Home

The installment campaign for diesel purchases was launched free of charge and without profits when using the electronic Murabaha card and within the following conditions:

  • The campaign ends on 12/31/2020.
  • The campaign includes all diesel purchases through electronic murabaha cards only (Classic – Titanium – World).
  • Diesel purchase transactions are not subject to loyalty points.
  • The campaign includes all stations of the Kingdom.
  • The minimum installment amount is 151 dinars.
  • The maximum installment period is 9 months.

For the third year in a row, we are launching the “Thank You For Being Safwa” campaign

The “Thank You For Being Safwa” campaign was launched and it includes many special offers and competitions:

  • Double Loyalty points Campaign
  • Loan Offers at Preferential rates
  • Smart Bracelet Capture and Win Competition
  • Social Media Competition with Valuable Prizes

Launching “Your transfer through us due same day worldwide with our Corporate Savings Account” Campaign

The “Your transfer through us due same day” campaign was launched with a corporate savings account with the following benefits:

  • Wire transfers that are due same-day for amounts equal to or greater than 5,000 JD or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • 50% off international foreign currencies transfer fees.
  • A profit of 1.72% was distributed annually on daily JOD balance for Q4 of 2020.
  • Discount on currency difference fees.
  • Access to all electronic banking services.

Safwa Mobile App update launch

To provide the client with an enriched experience while using the mobile app, an update was issued with the following services:

  • Managing the electronic murabaha card
  • Loyalty and points systems.
  • Paying bills in bulk.

School fees scheduling campaign through the Electronic Murabaha Card

The bank launched a campaign to pay school fees using the electronic murabaha card of all types over installments without profit and for up to 9 months.

Launching the bargaining service through Electronic Murabaha Cards

The bank launched the easy-payment service in the form of bargaining through the electronic Murabaha cards, enabling clients to pay for their purchases in installments using the card in the way of a bargain without profits in collaboration with our accredited merchants.

Facilitating the procedures for housing, cars and personal financing with special rates

Financing policy and car, personal and housing financing amendments

Launching the Retail financing automation system

In line with the bank’s constant development in the area of technology, an automated system has been put in place for retail financing. The system follows up on the financing operations and makes sure they are completed with high speed and efficiency.

Thanking-Our-Frontline-Workers financing offer

In appreciation of the efforts of the security, medical, and tech workers’ from both the public and private sectors, and all enlistees of security forces and the Arab Army, the bank launched exceptional financing offers for them.

Jordan Dentistry Association Financing Offer

A special offer for the Jordanian Dental Association to finance medical equipment and a credit card with special rates.

Instant Issuance of ATM and Pre-Paid cards is now launched

To better serve our clients and save the time spent in the branch, the bank launched the instant issuance service for ATM and Pre-Paid cards.

Launching the Prepaid Cards

The bank launched the prepaid cards and Safwa Smart that supports contactless payment and can be recharged online without fees.

Financing offer for residential units at the Ayla Oasis for Real Estate Development Co.

An exceptional offer was given to those who are looking to own a residential unit (villa, apartment, chalet) at Ayla-Aqaba as part of the bargaining product.

For the second year in a row Safwa Islamic Bank launches the summer training program “Safwa Future Stars”

Based on the bank’s strategy and plan to enhance its role in the development of the local community, and in the belief that youth are the most important element for the advancement of our beloved country, for the second year in a row we launched the “Safwa Future Stars” summer employment program in order to empower students who are currently studying in Jordanian universities to have an opportunity in developing their skills in a practical way in our Jordanian Islamic banking institution.