Capital Market

Accessing local and international Sukuk is essential to support your business and investment strategy. Safwa Islamic Bank strives to make this process as easy as possible by acting as a gateway to local and international Islamic capital markets and providing you with the most secure environment in which Sukuk can be traded and held in your custody account.

As one of the leading banks in Jordan in the field of safe custody, management and issuance of Sukuk, we give you access to Sukuk issued in local and international markets, including:

  • Local Sukuk
  • International Sukuk

Your Sukuk are in good hands:

Safwa Islamic Bank’s secure environment is designed to protect your Sukuk and ensure your ownership.

Private Investor Products and Services:

As a private investor, you can open your direct account in the service and trading of Sukuk through Safwa Islamic Bank, where you can trade Sukuk, and get capital gains on the Sukuk in addition to its returns, while keeping your Sukuk secured in your custody account.

Why do you keep your Sukuk at Safwa Islamic Bank?

We will keep the Sukuk on your behalf with us.

  • We will enhance your Sukuk portfolio and accurately calculate your portfolio’s total average return on Sukuk, Return on Maturity, Investment Period, Sukuk Portfolio Risk, etc.
  • We will receive on your behalf the returns generated by the Sukuk issuer and credited to your account with us.
  • We will notify you of any news or actions related to your Sukuk.
  • We will provide you with periodic updates on your Sukuk portfolio, and evaluate them based on market capital market prices.

Corporate Sukuk Management:

It represents an access to a predictable cash flow to support your financial needs.
Safwa Islamic Bank coordinates with all the issuers involved in the Sukuk issuance including: Issuers, Coordinators, Security Commissions, Legal Advisors and Shari’ah for the successful issuance and listing of Sukuk in the capital market.


Why do you issue your Sukuk through Safwa Islamic Bank?
At Safwa Islamic Bank, we support the success of financing methods by issuing Sukuk during and after issuance by enabling you to:

  • Build the optimal Sukuk financing structure to meet your investor needs.
  • Market the Sukuk through a wide network of investors to get the funding you need and build a predictable cash flow.
  • Diversify your funding sources.
  • Provide Shariah-compliant Sukuk as a source of liquidity and growth for Jordan’s Islamic capital market.

Secure services for government and corporate issues:

We take care of the rights of the Sukuk Owners Group and cooperate with the Sukuk Owners Committee to protect these rights by performing the following tasks:

  • Following up the issuer’s distribution of expected profits and redeeming the Sukuk on the dates specified in the prospectus.
  • Monitor all acts violating the Sukuk prospectus and notify the Sukuk Owners Committee of the violating action.
  • Any other functions stipulated in the Prospectus that violate the provisions of the Law and the rules and regulations regarding it.

Contact the Investment Department of Al Safwa Islamic Bank Capital Market at:

Direct: 0096264602190

Fax: 0096264602103

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