Safwa bank completed the maintenance of Al Hussein College Secondary School’s building

Safwa Islamic Bank opened today the building of Al Hussein College Secondary School for Boys under the patronage of Dr. Nawal Anu Raden, the director of education of Amman Kasabah and Mr. Samer Tamimi, the bank’s CEO, in the presence of the school’s principal Dr. Alaa Al-Hadban, Mr. Khaled Al-Bourini along with audience from both sides.

The bank’s renovation and maintenance of the school’s building were done based on the initiative of H.M King Abdullah II to practically show loyalty for Jordan and to instill voluntary work values and in line with the bank’s CSR strategy for 2020 which is focused on supporting the educational sector and students.

Early this year, the bank visited the school to assess the school’s maintenance work and other needs. The visit came as a declaration of the bank’s initiative to renovate and perform maintenance works on several public schools to improve the structure and the teaching environment, empowering it to motivate students to learn, become high achievers and innovate.

Safwa Islamic Bank performed and completed full maintenance of Al-Hussein College School. It also provided the school with a computer lab and new classroom furniture.

Dr. Nawal Anu Raden, the director of education of Amman Kasabah, expressed her gratitude for what the bank did for the school and the great efforts the team put into completing all the work before the new school year of 2020 – 2021 begins, especially amidst the challenges of the pandemic and the safety and health instructions and guidelines to keep students safe.

The school’s principal, Dr. Alaa Al-Hadban, handed honorary plaques to Dr. Nawal Anu Raden, the director of education of Amman Kasabah, Mr. Samer Tamimi, the bank’s CEO, Mr. Abdullah Qafaf, the supervising and executive engineer and Mr. Khaled Al-Bourini in recognition of their support and efforts for the school, which will have a profound impact on the students and teachers.

Safwa Islamic Bank’s CEO, Mr. Samer Al-Tamimi, commented: “We believe that sustainable development starts from elevating the general level the educational system, we also believe that improving the level of education in public schools is not the sole responsibility of governmental institutions; the private sector has a viable and effective role to play to achieve that. In line with this, we were motivated to cooperate to create a better learning environment for the schools as a thank you for decades of giving the country leaders and exceptional men and women for generations. We want to support and empower them to continue teaching and raising generations of all backgrounds that are enabled to continue building and developing the country. We invite the different private sector institutions, organizations and businesses to become part of the initiative #أردن_الخير to make a real difference.