“Safwa Future Stars” Program

Safwa Islamic Bank is pleased to announce the start of the “Safwa Future Stars” program for the 5th year in a row to empower university students with the aim of qualifying them to work in the banking sector and providing them with appropriate experience through practical training at the bank’s branches, to help students indulge in the labor market and gain practical experience before graduation.

Enrollment requirements and conditions:

  1. The student must be enrolled in university.
  2. The student must be of Jordanian nationality.
  3. The student must have completed at least 90 credit hours with a GPA of no less than very good.
  4. The student’s university major must be related to banking faculties (Business Administration and Information Technology).
  5. The student must pass the personal interview at the bank.
  6. The student’s residence relative to the internship location will be considered.

Required documents and application procedure:

  1. An original or certified transcript.
  2. A copy of the identification document and the university ID.

* The internship is paid and according to the minimum wage.

* The application deadline is 15/07/2023.


    Date of birth

    University name



    Name of Governate

    Home address

    Phone number

    Email address

    Required documents:


    You can learn more about Safwa Future Stars in the following video: