To safeguard our Jordan

Amid the current Coronavirus crisis, we at Safwa Bank have been working hard to serve our beloved country and we believe that our efforts and those of the Jordanian people will come to fruition. And as Allah said in His Holy book: “Is the reward for goodness aught but goodness?”

Letter from our CEO

“Thank you all for working during this period of high uncertainty and stress. Your efforts, hard work, service and sense of responsibility are highly appreciated under the current circumstances. I have truly felt the passion and will of the Safwa team for the success of our bank’s journey and its determination to serve customers..

During this time, our attitude, traits, strength and what we stand for have become in the service of our customers and our country, and this makes me feel proud to belong to my Safwa family.

Our clients have always been and will always be our top priority, and their satisfaction with our services is our greatest reward. Thanks to you and your hard work, this journey continues.

In the last two years, we have done a lot to change the way we do our business – while keeping our customers and their satisfaction at the core of our environment – from e-channels to call center, operations, mobile banking, online banking, website, product offerings, branch network… but evidently, the development process must remain ongoing and stay up-to-date with the requirements of our customers at this day and age.

In order to move past this crisis, we need to make some minor changes and follow social distancing measures to the fullest. We need to move faster to become “digital”, “efficient” and “fully automated” as soon as possible. I count on you to do so during these difficult times!
This crisis will have long-lasting effects, but I’m confident that with your efforts Safwa will stand tall after it passes. Your efforts are noticed and truly appreciated by all the stakeholders, the Central Bank, and customers, and I trust we will get through this with your efforts.

In the last few days I have had the privilege to interact with our colleagues at the Central Bank closely. I was really touched by their empathy and support for the banking community and the community at large. They are working late hours every night. Their attitude was really the catalyst to change my state of mind to the better.

In these exceptional circumstances, I appreciate your efforts now more than ever. Had it not been for your hard work and dedication, we would not be able to provide the highest level of service to our customers and to our beloved Jordan.

Stay safe and look after your loved ones.”

Samer Tamimi

Our responsibility to our beloved country

The bank’s contribution to support government entities

Based on the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II and in line with our basic values at Safwa Islamic Bank, and because having faith and love for our country is part of our faith in our religion, our values that cherish and our sense of responsibility to our beloved country, Safwa Islamic Bank has made several contributions:

  • In support for the efforts of the medical, military and governmental sectors working around the clock to minimize the pandemic’s impact on our beloved country, we are honored to donate one million Jordanian Dinars to the “Himat Watan” fund in an attempt to increase efforts to fight the Coronavirus and preserve the country’s capabilities.
  • The Safwa Bank employees have donated 500,000 Jordanian Dinars to “Himmat Watan”
    Our employees’ positive feedback
  • Safwa Bank donated 100,000 Jordanian Dinars to support the tremendous efforts of the Ministry of Health
  • The possibility of accepting cash donations, cheques and money transfers to the “Himat Watan” donation fund, bearing the number – 400/3400/1 – in which donations exceeding 100,000 Jordanian Dinars, or their equivalent in other currencies, are deposited without any commissions

Our responsibility to our dear customers

Because of our concern for the interest of the citizen, Safwa Bank has decided to do the following:

  • Postpone all installments resulting from Murabaha and Ijara financing for individuals for the months of March, April and May, without any additional commissions or profits
  • Postpone all installments resulting from Electronic Murabaha Cards for the months of March and April, without any additional commissions or profits
  • The possibility of using any of the other banks’ ATMs across the Kingdom, with reverse withdrawal commissions at the end of each month
  • Exempting our customers from the commission on low balance
  • Exempting our customers from the ATM card issuance commission

Readiness of our branches and measures we’re taking

We at Safwa Islamic Bank follow all measures to clean and sanitize our service centers and branches on a regular basis.

Our branches across the Kingdom are open with a minimal amount of staff to ensure trade transactions, as well as withdrawals and deposits. The bank also stressed the need to wear masks and gloves and leave a distance no less than one and a half meters between each customer.

The bank also encouraged its staff to work from home by providing laptops, in addition to conduct remote meetings through various applications such as Skype and others.

Guidelines for cash handling

Dear customers,
For your safety, please watch the below video about our guidelines for cash handling.
Stay safe!

Available means and e-services to help you enjoy your banking experience

We at Safwa Islamic Bank provide you with the various services to conduct your banking transactions in a safe way through:

  • Call Center:
    The call center is available to serve you and answer all your inquiries at any time and around the clock 24/7 through the number: 064602100 or the toll-free number: 08002240
  • Safwa Mobile App:
    The Safwa Bank mobile app to pay your bills and make your internal and external financial transfers in addition to the account opening feature
  • Credit Cards:
    We at Safwa Islamic Bank provide our valued customers with a varied and different package of cards to provide a safe way for payment and installment operations without the need to use cash or apply for financing

    1. Electronic Murabaha Credit Card
    2. Safwa Smart which provides the feature of remote payment
    3. ATM Cards

Hoping that everyone remains safe and well.