Offset Account

Enjoy savings of up to 100% of the profits return of your housing financing.

Save in the “Offset” account, which allows you to return a percentage of the profits calculated for your housing financing, and the more your savings balance increases the more the return percentage, and according to standards set by the bank.


Calculate the return of your housing financing in the offset account.

Finance Amount
Finance Percent
Refunded Payment
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The offset account is a unique savings account that is linked to your house financing. It allows you to return a percentage of the profits accumulated on your house financing. The higher your savings account balance, the higher the percentage of return. The profits that have been paid during the quarter will be returned based on the average balance of the offset account, resulting in reduced profits.

The offset account can be effectively used as a savings account with the option to transfer your salary to it, receive various types of transfers, and perform other financial transactions.

  • Profit Saving: Reduces the amount of profits paid on the financing by up to 100% (returning profits on paid installments during the quarter by up to 100%).
  • Flexibility: The balance can be used at any time and the account can be used for deposits and withdrawals at any time.
  • Convenience: Managing your finances in a way that aligns with your future plans, whether for education or travel.

Savings Account: A flexible savings account that earns you returns calculated by the bank on a quarterly basis.

Offset Account: A savings account that is linked to the house financing to reduce the profits paid on the house financing.

Having a house financing without any outstanding dues, regardless of the financing amount or duration, and any amount available in the account will be calculated for the profits return rate on a quarterly basis.

Offset Account Features

Up to 100% of profit return on the accumulated profits of your housing financing, based on your offset account balance.

Ability to have your salary transferred to the account.

Receive all types of transfers and other financial transactions.

Use the account for deposits and withdrawals at any time.

Manage your funds in a way that suits your future plans (education/travel).

Required Documents
  • Valid proof of identity (national ID card, passport, military ID/certificate of appointment, Gaza residents’ ID, ID of Jordanian women’s children).
  • Proof of residency (for non-Jordanians).
  • Proof of address (utility bill (electricity, water) or landline phone number).
  • Copy of lease agreement.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. The service applies to Ijara financing (lease-to-own) for individuals, and the products are determined by the bank.
  2. 75% of the account balance rate is calculated within 3 months from the date of linking it to the financing, and the percentage and duration are adjusted according to the bank’s decision at any time.
  3. The Ijara return is calculated when the account is linked to the financing for the first time and at the beginning of a three-month period for the subsequent quarter, deducting the rate of outstanding balances in the savings account and returning the profit difference to the designated account for this purpose and for the paid installments only.
  4. Compensation is calculated every 3 months, and the profit difference is deposited in the same account.
  5. In case of any dues on any existing financing, the compensation is exempted from that quarter.
  6. The lease agreement is renewed annually as usual.
  7. The financing repayment schedule is not modified from the account.
  8. It is possible to open one compensation account and link it to only one financing.
  9. The compensation amount is deducted from the financing profit certificate.
  10. The customer has the freedom to withdraw the amount at any time unless they have any outstanding installments.
  11. Commissions are applied according to the commissions stated by the bank.
  12. The conditions for opening and managing existing accounts apply.
  13. It is possible to link a new financing after the existing financing ends.
  14. The account can only be unlinked when the financing ends.
  15. The bank provides a virtual calculator to calculate the refund amount.

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